Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not that I'm comparing...

People will sometimes ask me how Quinn is as a baby compared to Donovan.  It's hard to really compare, as it's difficult to look back and objectively remember what D was really like at this age.  I think in some ways Quinn really is a bit more... demanding.  I don't remember having to hold and soothe Donovan this much.  I swear he spent more time playing in his bouncy chair and playmat.  Donovan also didn't nurse as frequently as Quinn does.  At the same time, Quinn's pretty easy to get to sleep (by either nursing or wearing him) whereas Donovan tended to require a good bit of wrapping, singing, and dancing.  Also, Quinn's overnight sleep has been pretty great for a 2.5 month old (at least so far, and thanks to my experience with D I am much more able to just enjoy the good nights of sleep and not really expect them to continue which makes it easier to be happy about each new one I get).  So, as I figured would be the case, I think Quinn's both more difficult in some ways, and easier in others.  Of course, Avoiding Sibling Rivalry 101 is NOT comparing your kids to each other, so I'm trying to be very careful about how and when I make any of these comparisons and, in general, just trying to treat each kid as the individual they are.

Quinn's been smiling, talking, and even giggling more lately.  It's pretty amazing.  It makes all the not-so-happy times easier to bear.  Donovan continues to be amazingly patient and easy to deal with, considering that so much of my attention goes to Quinn during the day.  He does sometimes get tired of me nursing so much, and he'll turn to me and say, "Mommy, I think that's enough milk for Quinn."  He does seem to be spacing his feedings out a teensy bit.

Both kids have now been in cloth diapers for a month or so now.  It's going pretty well, although having to wash them every 1-1.5days is a bit of a chore.  Then again, when I had them both in disposables it also felt like quite a chore to deal with the mountains of trash, and also the keeping track of who had how many diapers and remembering to order more in time so we wouldn't run out.  So maybe it's just that having 2 kids in diapers is a drag, no matter how you do it.  It sure will be nice when D decides that potties are cool, after all, and diapers overrated.  At least the days are getting longer again, and direct sunlight is starting to peek back into our patio so soon I'll be able to start air-drying diapers in the sun again.

I went in to register Quinn's birth last week.  We should be getting his birth certificate back in the next week or 2, I think, and then we can send off for his social security number.  At some point I have to plan how to get both boys their Chilean citizenship & passports, etc.  I doubt we'll be leaving the country, let alone going to South America, for a while but still would be nice to have that done...

And now, time for bed-- I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

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