Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Quinn's asleep in the baby swing downstairs (!!!!) meaning I can't go upstairs to bed to take a nap... so, instead, I'm blogging.

The past few days have felt like a rollercoaster.  I'll feel pretty ok, then something will happen and I'll suddenly be in tears, and then back again.  Part of it is the stress of Q's still-sore bottom.  It's starting to look better now-- he still has some REALLY raw spots, but the total surface on his bottom that's red is much smaller.  I think lots of diaper-free time (or as much as I can manage with a constantly-pooping newborn who doesn't like not being held), plus a combination of creams (Motherlove diaper & thrush cream, Aquaphor, hydrocortisone...) has helped.  I've also cut out dairy, citrus, and tomatoes from my diet though I don't know if that's made or would have made a difference.

Q and I had a pretty good day yesterday-- D was at his friend's house with the nanny all day, so Q and I hung out, went to the mall, then watched The Royal Tenenbaums together. He pretty much slept all day (on me, but still), which was very nice since the previous days he... hadn't.  He even fell asleep in his car seat after we picked D up, and STAYED asleep, and so Zach, D, and I got to enjoy a calm dinner with all of us sitting down together for the first time in a month.  It was nice.

He then kept me up till midnight as payback.

Today's started out ok, the nanny came over for the morning, so D was out riding his bike with her (and got to sit in a fire truck they ran into!) and Q & I hung out upstairs, him sleeping on me as I let his bottom air out.  I'm on my own for the afternoon, and the next 2 full days, so we'll see how that goes.  Am trying to plan some outings since that seems to help the days go better/faster...

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  1. So glad to hear Q's bottom is looking up! Hopefully that will continue and be the end of it. Chin up! I had such depression with my first and also struggled so much with Claire. It's tough and the days were hard and long. Getting out always helps me too. Love that you have someone helping also. My husband encouraged me to finally hire a nanny about 3 month ago I went ahead and did it! She is here now and has been a life changer for me! I look forward to those days that she comes and have become better able to handle all the other downs that the days may bring. Have a WONDERFUL day today and I wish you lots of sleep!!



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