Monday, January 24, 2011


Quinn is a frequent eater.  As in, he spends much of the day wanting to nurse about every hour.  He'll go through portions of the day where he just nurses and dozes off and on for a few hours.  It can be a bit exhausting, though when the alternative is a screaming baby I'm quite happy to just sit and nurse him instead.  I'm not sure if he's really just hungry that often, or how much of it is wanting the comfort that comes from it or what.... but he definitely likes being at the boob, often.  And really I don't mind it so much, except it can be a bit hard to handle on the days I have Donovan, too.

One of the other things that's made difficult by it, is trying to do anything on the computer.  Thanks to my trusty ipod touch, I can still stay caught up on a lot of internetting during our marathon nursing sessions.  But, some things (writing and commenting on blogs, photo cataloguing/archiving/uploading, etc) are harder if not impossible to do on the itouch, and require time at the computer... which is very much in short supply these days.

Then today I remembered a by PhD in Parenting on how to nurse and have both hands free for typing at the same time.  BRILLIANT!  I tried it earlier today for the first time, and managed to write a couple of posts for our family blog.  Woot!   =P

In other news, Quinn's bottom is finally almost all better!  After reading through all your wonderful and very helpful comments, and realizing that after several weeks of use all the usual heavy-duty diaper rash creams weren't doing much to help, I finally ditched them and went for the all-natural approach: cloth wipes soaked in chamomile tea, cloth diapers, and California Baby Calendula cream applied to his bottom at every change.  Within days I noticed a difference.  Even more impressive?  This past weekend we were out of town for 2 days, and had him back in disposables.  His bottom started looking redder right away.  Once back home, after just a couple hours back in cloth it looked better again.  So, HALLELUJAH!  I guess he really is just that sensitive.


  1. Yay! So glad to hear he's more comfy in the cloth. They're way cute on him too. :)

  2. Friend of mine in Switzerland would breastfeed her baby using a Baby Bjorn. She said she could breastfeed, hands-free, anywhere. I went with her once to the grocery store. She breastfeed her baby as she shopped at the Migros, paid for her groceries and started home again. No one else noticed. I only knew she was doing it because she told me.

    This was a second child and the first was 3 years old and had just started preschool. She said she figured out how to do it for survival. Baby #2 was a big baby and ate all the time. She said if she didn't breastfeed him on the go, she'd never be able to go anywhere.

  3. Sounds like you're beginning to hit your stride. Awesome! That's great that you're getting the hands-free nursing thing down. That's one thing I never got the hang of, but since my second wasn't a constant nurser, I didn't have to do it for survival.

  4. Love the gDiapers they look too cute! Hang in there, the Marathon Nursing sessions will eventually get better. my Little Girl was born in October and I felt like she was attached to the boob for the first 2 months. Now she is going about 4 hour between feeds. She was growing like crazy in the beginning (97th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight by 2 months)



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