Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Tour of Donovan's New Bedroom

So far, this is the one room of the house that is DONE.  And i actually still want to pick up a comforter for his new bed, but that can wait a bit... like maybe till fall, when it actually starts to get cool again. ; )  I'm pretty pleased with how his room has turned out, though, and D seems to like it, too.

First, the biggest change-- his NEW BED!  We figured it was about time to get him a true twin-size "big kid" bed.  Donovan LOVES it, and talks constantly about his new bed... which is a relief, since I was a bit worried about how the transition off the floor would go.  (I know, we still need to get a bed rail for the side of the mattress, so for now at night we put down a thick blanket and a few pillows along the floor beside him. He's been using the new bed for just over a week and rolled off once... and went right back to sleep after climbing back in!)

The coolest thing about this bed?  When D grows a bit older we can flip the entire frame upside-down and it becomes a loft!  =)

Pretty much all the furniture is Ikea... the bed, the toy shelf, the table & chairs, the dresser, even the laundry hamper and new rug.  What can I say? It's affordable and functional.... and if a piece gets broken, it's not that big a deal  ; )

The animal prints are from an etsy shop called Fall Down Tree.  I discovered this shop at least a full year ago, if not longer, and have been waiting for the right excuse to buy up a few of their prints.  I think the llama is my absolute favorite.

The embroidery above is hanging right by the door to his room, and was made for Donovan by the Brazilian grandmother who lived down the street from us at our last house.  I know, how awesome is that?

Above his dresser I also hung a print from the West Willow etsy shop that I could not resist, since this is the song I sing to Donovan each night and at nap time before he goes to sleep.

For now I've moved his diaper supplies into the hall bathroom, as a hopeful preparatory step to potty training later this summer.  Can I tell you how nice it is to go from sharing a single bathroom for the whole house to now having 2.5 bathrooms??  Zach and I get a huge master bath, and we still have a hall bathroom for D that's big enough to stash a changing table and diaper pail into.  SO. NICE.

The rest of our home is fairly well set up furniture-wise, but I'm trying to figure out what to do with the walls.  Eventually I'll figure that out, and can then post a photo tour of everything else.


  1. D's room is amazing! It's decorated so well, major props to you Marcy for a great job done! He does have an ultra cool room!

  2. my mom used to sing me to sleep at night with that song when I was a little girl. Those words mean so much to so I love seeing how you've integrated them into your sweet boys room!

    (followed you over from flickr)

  3. wow, marcy, it looks fantastic! i love that the bed converts, so rad.

  4. Beautiful!!!!!

    I love EVERYTHING about his room!! I wanna go play in it!

    (And that's not just because Troy Emmitt's room currently looks like the too-awful-to-show-on-TV footage from that Hoarders show....)

    (PS: re: wall decor for the rest of the house... Maybe we'll send you some of our stuff. We have too much wall decor and not enough hanging space. How do you feel about cowboys [both Western and NFL], eagles, theater memorabilia, Spanish surrealist art, Hello Kitty, and eagles [the animals, not the band]?)

  5. It is an adorable room! We keep talking up Finn's big guy bed and room and he isn't excited about it yet, which stinks. I love getting everything ready for it! I love his tent over the bed, how cool.

  6. Nice light in here. Great photos.



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