Thursday, July 29, 2010

et tu, sierra?

The other night night after D went to bed Zach opened up some windows and the door to our back patio, since the air outside felt so nice.  Nev, who usually spends her days stationed by the door waiting for any opportunity to spend time outdoors, bolted out, and Sierra gingerly followed, eventually.  The patio has been a pretty nice spot for the cats to hang out, as it's got lots of plants for them to smell and chew on, but still has a fence all around as an attempt to keep them inside.  Of course, Nev has already figured out how to jump onto the fence and walk around on it, and has even started climbing the tree.  I have a bit of a moral dilemma as Nev is technically supposed to be an indoors-only cat (she lived in foster care before we adopted her, and has never been a stray so hasn't learned to deal with life outside), but she enjoys being out so much that it feels cruel to keep her cooped up all the time.  So we let her out and try to keep an eye on her, hoping she won't figure out how to jump back down from the fence onto another yard, but knowing it is a distinct possibility and so we hope that she has enough good sense in her to come back (or at least, that her microchip will help her out).

Anyway, so the cats were out, and Zach and I stayed inside eating our dinner, talking, and checking on the cats every once in a while.  At one point Zach was watching Nev and started getting suspicious that she'd try to jump down onto the neighbor's yard, so he went to get her down... and then I heard this shocked, "Sierra?!"

Now, Sierra is not what you'd call an adventurous cat.  When she goes outside it's by tiptoe, and she runs back inside, freaked, at the slightest sound.  She spends about 20 minutes debating with herself on whether or not she can make the jump onto a dining chair.  She has never been the one we felt we needed to worry about.

But there she was, walking along the top of the fence, just a few feet from where Nev was perched.

It appears Nev might be corrupting our sweet little Sierra...

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  1. Interesting.. Isn't that Sierra with her tongue sticking out? cute shot!



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