Thursday, July 08, 2010

Several months ago I was contacted by a fellow Montessorian named Matt, who was putting together a website that would serve as a resource for teachers and parents alike to learn more about Montessori.  He asked me to be one of a number of bloggers who would post on the website.  Honored, I accepted, making it clear that I might only get around to 1 post a month or so.  I got to see a preview of the site, and got really excited-- for a long time I've struggled to find someplace to send people to who ask me about Montessori, a resource that helps explain the philosophy and what the classrooms are like (and why) but that isn't too overwhelming.  I think this website is it.

As of just a few days ago, is now LIVE!  And I hope you will all go check it out.  It's a beautiful website with blog posts from very talented and wise Montessorians (oh, and me, too), explanations about Montessori and what the environments are like for the different age groups, audio and video clips to listen to, etc.
Screen shot 2010-07-08 at 4.35.03 PM

Basically, it's a really cool site, and if you've ever wanted to know more about Montessori this is the place to go.

As a related aside, the other day I visited a local Montessori school (we're starting to look for places for Donovan to go to).  I had an appointment for a tour with the Director of Admissions, and when I got to the building a man opened the door for me and introduced himself. "I'm Matt," he said.  "Hi, I'm Marcy," I said back to be polite, and started turning towards the woman I knew I was supposed to meet, as I recognized her photo from the website. "No, I'm Matt" he repeated with a bit more emphasis.


Yes, it's the same Matt from the website. I had no idea he lived in Sacramento, or worked for this school.  Small world, huh? ; )  It was nice to meet the person with whom I've been emailing back and forth all this time.


  1. Hollyn Donovan5:53 PM

    Shelton has a least 1 Montessori classroom up though 5th grade and all classrooms for kids preschool-2nd grade. I was never really in an all-Montessori classroom except for my 5th grade math class. It was the only reason I learned how to do long division. Otherwise it was too distracting for an ADD kid like me(to many fun things and colors). I wish I would have been exposed to it when I was younger though(Donovan's age-kindergarten or 1st); maybe it would have helped my fine motor skills.

  2. Lacey Jane8:43 PM


  3. I was just thinking about Donovan and Montessori yesterday, and hoping you can find a place he can go. He will be so amazingly happy there I can guess. Ilove it that you're writing for this site. I've enjoyed what I've seen of it so far very much. How serendipitous (sp?) for you to run into Matt this way. Sacramento is really holding some lovely surprises for you, isn't it?

  4. is very exciting. I look forward to reading your posts.



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