Monday, April 19, 2010

...where were we?

I know posting has been scarce around here lately...  I definitely have a lot of things swirling around in my head, but everything is still so up in the air that there's no real point in hashing any of it out on here, since who knows what sort of new information we may get at any time that would change things.  (dun-dun-DUUUUNNNN! sorry, really don't mean to sound so melo-dramatic)

Zach's off in Sacramento today and tomorrow for a not-quite-interview, then goes to New Jersey on Wednesday for a for-real interview.  There may be heavy discussions to follow this weekend.  I'm starting to come to terms with the reality that we're highly likely right now to end up moving away from California, which is ok, really.  I actually really think the places we're considering could be really great places to be, with many benefits over life here.  The one thing that I'm most reluctant about, though, is... the weather.  I mean, did you know that during the entire month of January the average high temp in Michigan is below freezing?  That's for an entire MONTH.  **shivers**

In other news, the other day I thought it'd be fun to show D parts of Fantasia, as I remember seriously loving that movie when I was a kid.  I found the Dance of the Hours on youtube and showed it to him, wondering what he'd think.  Well, the kid has gone head over heels for the clip, and is now constantly asking to watch the "hippopotamus and ostrich."  And let me tell you, those are really cute words to hear a 2 year old attempt to say. ; )

This morning he went to Ms Pam's house again, though I think this will be his last regular week to go (in-laws arrive next week, then next month we may do drop-in hours as needed depending on if we're moving...?).  When we picked him up at noon she mentioned that he'd seemed a little different today, and we told her about how our Monterey trip went, and she said yes, she noticed something similar, that he was wanting to have control over everything and not accept anything she suggested for him.  She thinks he may be going through what she called an "emotional growth spurt."  I suppose that sounds a lot better than "has become a total grouch."  Honestly, he hasn't been that bad the past few days, though I'm not at all pleased with the way he's started saying NO! and may have to try to find a way to discourage that nasty tone.

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  1. Tell him he can't watch the dancing hippos if he uses that nasty tone. He'll listen.



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