Saturday, April 24, 2010

on facebook & the job hunt

So much going on, but have no idea what to really write about.  Let's see... I'm having an internal dilemma about Facebook.  I love using the site, it's reconnected with me with all sorts of people from all different phases of life, and allows me to keep in touch with them easily. I also have recently found lots of great pages to be a "fan" of that link to interesting articles, etc.  Facebook is entertaining, and also a great networking tool.

It is also apparently quite biased and bigoted.  Facebook has made a decision, it appears, that breastfeeding is obscene and offensive.  They routinely take down pictures of women breastfeeding their babies, even just yesterday one of the groups I follow got a warning from Facebook for "offensive content" and they can't for the life of them figure out what was so offensive.  In the meantime, pictures of half-naked women are left up. Groups promoting rape and praying for the death of our president are left up, despite being reported multiple times.

It makes me kind of furious, and makes me seriously consider boycotting Facebook by deleting my account  and washing my hands of the whole site.  But I also know that when it comes down to it, the only one who'll suffer from that is me-- Facebook won't care about one less user, it's me who won't be able to use the site to keep in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances.

So, I'm torn.

In other news, Zach has 2 job offers in, and expects a 3rd to come in any day now. He's still negotiating a few things.  We will likely make a decision by next weekend.  Yes, it does feel kind of insane.  I'm trying to just not think about any of it too much till we know for sure what all the options are, and then we can make a final, lasting decision (as opposed to talking things to death for the 100th time only to have new information come in later that changes things).

My in-laws arrive this weekend and will be with us most of next week.  Should be a nice time. D's face lights up and I tell him Grampa Hank and Grandma Susan are coming. So sweet. =)

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  1. CDNSarah1:48 AM

    Hi Marcy, I can relate to your frustrations about Facebook. But in the end, I told myself that life is bigoted and unfair anyway. Facebook just kind of highlights that. I can't boycott life, but I can stand up for the things I believe in. So I do the same with FB.

    Can't wait to hear which offer you guys decide to take and where it will take you to. Hugs, Sarah



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