Friday, April 09, 2010


Things have been getting slowly but steadily better over here.  Donovan's knee was hurting pretty badly both Tuesday and Wednesday... but by yesterday morning he was able to walk on it (limping, but without a whole lot of apparent pain) and today he's walking almost completely normally on it.  I was so worried that he'd be hurting for a long time, so it's been so wonderful to see him improve so much from one day to the next.  I forget how resilient kids are, physically.

He's also been feeling better overall, though when we went to the pediatrician yesterday morning she said she still heard wheezing in his lungs when he breathed.  I mentioned that D violently hated using the inhaler, and that I couldn't really tell if he was even getting much medicine from it since he fought it so hard.  She gave him a dose of Albuterol via nebulizer (the machine that blows steam/smoke stuff to breathe in) and he tolerated that much better-- he just sat there with the mask on his face, totally still.  She heard an improvement in his breathing after the treatment, and so ordered us our own machine to continue using at home every 4-6 hours for a few days to help him get all the way better.  Thanks to what appeared to be a long comedy of errors the machine that was supposed to arrive early in the day didn't make it till after D's bed time, but we've been giving him the treatments today and he's done really well with them.  He likes getting to turn the machine on and off on his own.  =)

Interestingly the past day or 2 there's been a few times when he's had small bumps, things that he normally brushes off quickly... and instead he'll have a big meltdown over it.  I suspect he's still so freaked out from everything at the hospital that this threshold for pain/stress/etc is just way low.  Poor guy.  I am so amazed at how well he's been dealing with everything in general.

So, we'll keep using the nebulizer, then see the doctor again next week for another follow-up.  I'm hoping we can soon put the machine in a closet somewhere and not ever have to think about it again.

As an aside, we all went to Happy Hollow this morning for our first time.  I have to upload pictures and then share.  It was super fun, though massively crowded.  D's favorite ride was the one with the fire trucks and police cars.  =)


  1. Poor little dude!!! :(

    Is he getting enough ice-cream? Because ice-cream cures all ailments. You should know this by now.



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