Sunday, February 21, 2010

Six word sunday: A bit furry but good company

I woke this morning with a strange tummy ache. Then it got worse... And soon it was clear that I would not be able to handle doing much of anything today. As in, I spent the day lying either on the couch, or in bed.
I'm currently blamingt food right now, specifically the Quiznos turkey sandwich I had yesterday. I will never again doubt Zach's vendetta against deli meats.

Zach's been great all day, keeping D out of the house so I could veg out and distract myself with our old SATC DVDs. Then I napped for 4 hrs in the afternoon.

My stomach feels much better now, almost feel up to eating. But I can hardly stand up w/o feeling like I'm gonna faint. (am writing this on my phome bc the computer feels too far away)

Sierra's been my companion all day. It's been kinda nice to just lay with her- hardly ever get the chance these days.

I'm hoping to be all better tomorrowm but Zach's gonna take a sick day just in case.

My hubby rocks, y'all.

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  1. oh no! so does food poisoning mean that there was something seriously bad, i.e. worth reporting to an FDA type board or is it just that your body didn't agree with something (in a severely violent manner)?

    Food poisoning seems to happen way more often recently... I'm attempting to give up meat for Lent, just to challenge myself, but then the whole idea of the 'why' befuddles me...i can't imagine life without steak, and I don't think I want that anyway...I just wish companies were more moral so I'm not put in these tough spots!!?!?!?!

    sorry to go off on a tangent about ME, but what do you expect from your little sister...



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