Friday, February 12, 2010


Polli (my colleague/mentor who was organizing our trip) called me last night with news that our flight from Atlanta to Jacksonville had been cancelled... along with several other flights before it, meaning all the flights after ours were already way overbooked, and basically we could fly to Atlanta but then we'd be stuck there for two days and wouldn't get to Florida before Sunday afternoon (the course ends Monday morning).

Or, we could get last-minute tickets with another airline, pay upwards of $1,000 apiece, and possibly still get stuck.

So, our trip has been cancelled.  Which is a bummer.  =(

But, the silver lining is I get to enjoy more time with Mom while she's here, and last night after finding out the news Zach booked a night away in San Francisco for the two of us, instead (we actually get to celebrate Valentine's Day together!).  It's a not-so-great sign of the times that rates were really cheap on a holiday/Valentines weekend, but hey! I'm not complaining! I'm making lemonade here, folks.

D was up half the night last night.  He was partially congested, maybe having some teething pain (I think he's getting his 2nd molars already), and some of it may have also been the talks we had before he went to bed about how Mommy was going on a trip and would be gone for a few days.  By 1am I'd given him Motrin, assured him that Mommy's plans had changed and would very much still be here in the morning, and finally just let him whine to himself for about 10 minutes and we finally all got a bit of sleep.  At that point, I was very glad I no longer needed to be up at 4am for our flight...


  1. Megan Campbell4:37 PM

    Marcy: Atlanta is a mess right now! There's only 2 inches down but they've canceled a zillion flights. Be glad you are at home and spending time with D and your mom! Have a nice weekend--Megan C.

  2. Sucks that your plans were changed, but YAY FOR LEMONADE!!! And that you have friends who look ahead and told you about the cancelled fights, so you could be stranded at home instead of at the Atlanta airport...



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