Tuesday, February 16, 2010

change of look

As a teen I was constantly moving things around in my bedroom.  Every few months I'd get bored of the current furniture arrangement and spend a few hours moving everything around.  I don't do that very much anymore, for many reasons... but instead I've found that need for change has been transferred over to my blog.  Every so often I start to feel bored with the current set-up and start itching to change something. 

I've been wanting to change my template for a while, if nothing else because I know the comments layout was funky.  But I've also gotten more and more picky about the kind of layout/look I want, so it gets harder and harder to find something I like, or spend the time customizing it to my tastes.  Which (if you'll allow a random plug here) is one reason I like www.OurBlogTemplates.com -- the colors and fonts on their templates are almost completely customizable from withing Blogger's site, so pretty easy to use one of their templates as a "skeleton" and make it your own by changing the colors and header, etc... which is what I've been doing.  This is their Newspaper template, but with a totally different color scheme. 

I think I'm happy with it, though you may still see little tweaks here and there (change in font style, line added here or there...).  I'd love feedback on it (is the font size too small? Does anything look too cluttered?). 

At some point I will probably just hire someone to make a template for me, so I can get it exactly how I want it.  The trouble is, I don't always know what it is I actually want... ; )


  1. You lost a ton of the stuff on the side -- was that a conscious choice (part of the purpose for the change) or just a side effect because you didn't want to add every little box to the new template?

    I've been wanting to change my layout too, but I've been too lazy... because I have A TON of sidebar stuff I want to keep...

  2. I love it! I think it looks great!

  3. looks great! i read you in a feed reader, so the size of the font isn't an issue for me :p



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