Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's here!!! And isn't it purty?

We were all set for Zach to go by the Apple store yesterday after work, but then during the day he checked the refurbished site one last time and found the *exact* same computer we were gonna buy listed for $250 less.  So we opted for that instead, which was a bummer since the original estimated delivery they gave us was Jan 16 or so.  Imagine our surprise and excitement when later that night we got a shipment notification and a new delivery date of TODAY!  And sure enough, it arrived.  And it is LOVELY.

I've been loading stuff onto our external HD today, and I think I'll be ready to then move everything over to the new mac starting tomorrow.  I'm a little nervous about getting the Lightroom catalog and photos set up correctly, since that could potentially be a huge pain, but I think it'll go ok.  We shall see!

When we first started looking I told Zach we should go for the smaller screen since 27" seemed a bit... monstrous.  Now I'm very, very glad we went ahead and got it.  This screen is just dreamy!  And it came with a wireless keyboard and the new (wireless) magic mouse, which might just be about the coolest thing I've ever seen.  I suppose I need to finish setting it up and getting used to it, but so far...  I think I'm in love.  =P


  1. that is awesome! i made the switch to a mac over a year ago. the first night i think i had a small panic attack in my head when i realized i knew NOTHING about apple machines. by the next day it was a non issue... i had figured everything out that i needed to. phew- macs rock! usually i would notice a laptop by now to slow down and loose its "juice", but my laptop is just as amazing from when i first opened it.

    i am super jealous of your computer screen. in a few years i will def start looking into getting a new mac and giant screen.

    have you read about the recent touch tablet thingy mac is going to come out with?

  2. Zach is waiting on pins and needles for the tablet to be announced! We were thinking of getting him a reader for christmas, but decided to wait since really he wants something that's more like the ipod touch but with a bigger screen... ie, the apple tablet. I hear it's supposed top be announced later this month...?

  3. oooh, it shore is purrrrdy.
    and i have to see this magic mouse thing, it sounds rad.

  4. I completely agree about the bigger monitor, it is just that, dreaming and so amazing for blogging and photographs!

    I'm sure you will love everything. I never had issues with my mac except for the fact that I just wear out my laptops too fast!!!!

    You will love the slide shows on the computer too as I think they are like 1000% better to the eye than on a PC...



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