Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Because I know you're dying to see what a Fruity Cheerio looks like close-up

I don't know what it is, but I feel like my patience lately has been more lacking than normal.  This results in me getting upset with D more often, which then makes me feel bad, which then keeps me in a not-very-good mood and the cycle just keeps on goin'.  I'm trying to reverse it, but it's not easy... especially when D is moody and difficult himself.  For a week or 2 we tried to put D to bed later in hopes of shifting his sleep schedule to sleep in a bit longer in the morning.  This is an experiment we've tried before, and it usually fails miserably so not sure why we keep trying it.  Usually we give up after just a few days.  This time we stuck to it for a good week, but I swear I could see the sleep deprivation slowly mounting (and he wasn't waking any later in the morning) so we're back to 7pm now, and I've even considered making it even earlier temporarily to help him catch up on sleep.  (this is the part where I kinda throw my hands up in the air at the Toddler Gods in hopes of answers/guidance)

Last week sometime I bought Bryan Peterson's book Understanding Close-Up Photography, using a gift card I had to Borders.  I figured it would go well with the new lens.  I finally got around to start reading it on Sunday.  I like it so far, it's given me ideas for new perspectives to try and whatnot... though it might also prove to be quite the expensive book in the long-run since already I've just about doubled my photography-related wishlist thanks to all the neat gadgets he keeps talking about.  ; )

Today I was trying to figure out what to shoot for my 365 project when I remembered a tip from the book about how most photographers will use their macro lens, but not realize just how close they can get to the objects they're photographing.  So I took a bowl of D's Cheerios and my lens, manually focusing it at the closest it will go, and then just started moving into the bowl to see where it would come into focus.  This is what I got:
Luckily I had enough light to manage hand-holding (even with D coming over and trying to check out what I was doing), but I also probably do need to get myself a tripod... or at the very least a Gorillapod (see what I mean??).

I was gonna try to get some more, but I got sort of interrupted...

Zach left town this morning and doesn't get back till late tomorrow night... which means I should get my butt to bed sooner rather than later since you never know what tonight might be like, and I don't think either Nev or Sierra will be willing to get up with D in the morning like Zach usually does (you know, letting me sleep in till, say, 7am). Goodnight!


  1. I swear, it's twoberty :) It isn't you! I feel the same way sometime, and it is very hard because then you beat yourself up. I think it is such a natural part of parenting!

    And Finn has that puzzle and loves it, with all the latches!

  2. oh, the gorilla pod is awesome! i have one for my p&s, but i gave one to julia and cyrus for their DSLR for christmas a few years ago. maybe try before you buy? ;)

  3. did u really write this at 1 am?!so glad to read this post. liam is teething pretty bad, making his already limited patience for not being able to crawl or sit nonexistent!! last night, looking for ideas, i watched d's video where he is 6 mo and crawling on wood, banging toys happily. liam is always on carpte so i thought, awesome idea, he will love that. so when we woke up he played on mat like normal and instantly fussing and crying as he cannot move where he wants. so i tried bouncer...same thing, worse crying. then i though, okay, wood floor!! i showed him how to make noise with the toys etc. well...he just starts crying and cannot get any of the toys because his reaching attempts send them scattering away. so he starts screaming and i actually just barked at him...and then stood up and cussed. then i put him somewhere safe, ran into my room and sobbed on the bed feeling simultaneously so guilty, annoyed,frustrated, guilty for being annoyed with him when i know how he is so frustrated and in pain. ugh. i feel like im spoiled because it could be so worse but i feel my patience dwindling this month, wiht no help here at all (and never ended up getting an ounce of help over xmas break) and jon gone four days a week right now

  4. Cheap ring-flash option:

    DIY option:



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