Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Day: 8.30.15

Sunday. Zach took Quinn to meet up with a friend at the park in the morning, while D and I walked to the store for a few groceries (and made a quick stop by Starbucks on the way back). After coming back home, Zach arranged for a game of TA with Donovan and Andrew. They play through an online server, and then also Zach will call Andrew and have him on speaker phone as they play. It's kinda fun listening to the three of them talk strategy (and D try his hand at banter) as they play.

Quinn and I hung out around the rest of the house, snacking and playing on the xbox.

I've been looking for ways to kickstart my creativity, so today I put a fresh roll of film in my yashica and took a few photos outside. This is the camera I got almost a year ago, and I haven't used it a whole lot since then partially because buying and developing 120 film isn't cheap but also because I've felt a little intimidated by the camera-- it is fully manual; the waist-level viewfinder with everything in reverse is a mind-trip to use for composing and focus; the fastest shutter speed is 1/500th of a second; and the minimum focusing distance is about 3ft. All these factors mean that in many ways this camera requires a very different shooting approach and thought process than what I normally use. But it's a fun challenge, and I'm wanting to spend some time exploring and getting more comfortable with this new format (which will include not letting weeks or months go by between shooting and developing...). 

Zach is kind of like a lizard or a cat, one way he relaxes on weekends is to sun himself on the porch while reading The Economist.
D spent a little time this afternoon setting up a small minifigure battle.
We all walked down to Pizza My Heart for an early dinner, then stopped through the park on our way home. We also picked up a gallon of ice cream (we were almost out at home, *gasp* that is a tragedy even worse than running out of chocolate-covered almonds) to have for dessert back at home.

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