Saturday, August 29, 2015

grace in small things #16

  • Earlier this week the boys and I checked out the Lindsay Wildlife Museum for the first time. They had several gorgeous birds (who are injured, and so permanent residents of the museum), including these beautiful owls who at right by the window so we got a nice close look at them. What is it about owls that makes them so awesome? 
  • This morning we "interviewed" a new sitter who seems totally awesome, I'm crossing fingers that he will work out. We've had mixed luck with finding steady sitters in the past, I'm trying to make a point to find good ones and USE THEM on a regular basis.
  • This afternoon I managed to run two (TWO!) errands that I've been meaning to get around to for weeks (ok, months). It feels like a major triumph. 
  • Looking back at my goodreads, I realized that I have read over 11 books so far this year (counting adult books, that I've actually finished all the way through). Which is a pretty dang good number, for me at least. I always feel like I never have enough time to read, partially because the list of books I want to read is so ridiculously long (and partially because I'm not exactly a fast reader to begin with), so it's fairly amazing to realize that I am actually reading a good number of books.


  1. I don't seem to make a dent in my book pile either :)

    1. So many books, so little time... I sometimes wish we could upload books into our heads instantly, Matrix-style. But then we wouldn't get to savor the words as we read them, or anticipate what will happen as the story unfolds.



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