Wednesday, August 26, 2015

faux-retro fun and camera lust

The other night I was on the phone with Jeremy and he mentioned that he was thinking of getting a polaroid camera. So the next day out of curiosity I started browsing cameras on ebay and found The Impossible Project website, and SHOCKER I'm kinda getting the itch to try out old school instant film as well. I had an newer instax camera a few years back, and it was fun to play with, but I'd unfortunately gotten a model with automatic flash that ALWAYS went off even when you didn't need it and my disdain of on-camera flash lighting kinda ruined it (natural light snob? Me? Well YES actually, yes I am), so I think I eventually passed it on to a friend who really wanted one. But it would be fun to give instant film another shot (har), doing better homework ahead of time to make sure to get the right kind of camera this time, and have fun learning a whole different style of photography.

I've also been eyeing mirrorless micro four-thirds cameras that I'm hearing so much about. A couple weeks ago we went to Lake Tahoe for a week with a bunch of my family, and I rented a canon 24-105mm lens for the trip to have a bit more flexibility than my trusty primes provide. It was interesting shooting with a zoom lens for a change, and was more convenient in many ways, but HOLY CRAP I'd forgotten how heavy and bulky that combo can get.  I quickly found myself wondering about these lighter, smaller options that supposedly offer near-dslr quality. I don't know how serious I am about it, but maybe I'll try renting one sometime to play around with.

Anyway, as my photography wishlist grows ever longer, for now I'm sating myself somewhat by re-downloading the ShakeItPhoto app and having some faux-retro fun with that. And trying to remember to use the cameras I already have before lusting longingly for new ones. #photogwoes

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