Friday, June 13, 2014

packing packing packing packing

Life is a whirlwind. There is so much to write about... Zach graduated from Tuck last weekend! Then at the last minute I invited myself along to help Jeremy and Jody move their family from New Hampshire to Wisconsin, which involved lots and lots of driving, meeting some of Jeremy's family along the way, and soaking in as much of their darling kiddoes' wildness while I still could. Then I flew back to catch my sister Criss and her family's visit here in NH, and now Zach and I are in the mad dash to get everything ready for our own impending move back to California. Oh, and Zach's birthday was yesterday (and I'm a terrible wife because I didn't even get him a cake this year...).

So, um, yeah, there's kinda been a lot going on...

 And there's a lot I would like to blog, but I'm focusing my energy and time right now to packing boxes and catching up on pictures on the computer before it gets loaded up into the moving truck on Wednesday (I took like 600 pictures at graduation I have a another few hundred from my phone to sort through...eek). In the meantime I will probably compose several blog posts in my head, and if I'm lucky they will eventually make it onto the keyboard. Stay tuned.

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