Monday, June 16, 2014

Tuck Investiture 2014

Two and a half years ago Zach decided to come to Tuck to get his MBA. Just under 2 years ago, we arrived in Hanover, excited and nervous, wondering how this new adventure would unfold. There's something fascinating and strange about reading back through those old pots, being on this side of things now. Just over a week ago Zach graduated as part of the Tuck class of 2014, receiving a Tuck Scholar award no less. We're a little bit proud of him.

Tuck had its own small graduation ceremony (which they call the Tuck Investiture, I think MBAs like having their own fancy words for stuff), separate from the larger Dartmouth graduation that happens on the same weekend. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and with a nice breeze. Zach's parents came into town for graduation, and we decided to bring D & Q as well which was a bit challenging but it was also a decent set-up for kids-- we were able to sit kinda off to the side under some shade, and had plenty of space for Q to run around on the grass without bothering other people. My in-laws helped keep an eye on the kiddoes, which freed me up to try taking some pictures. I realized I finally had a good reason to break out the 70-300mm lens we've had for years but rarely use, so I brought that along for getting pictures of Zach and his classmates on stage. Unfortunately my inexperience with that lens really showed, and I didn't pay enough attention to my settings, and so half the shots with that lens came out blurry. I was pretty upset with myself when I browsed the pictures on my computer that evening and realized my foolishness.... oh well. Rookie mistake.

Dean Paul Danos

Zach getting his cool swoopy masters choky-robe thing

The family shot (Q perhaps getting a bit restless...)


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