Sunday, November 24, 2013

oh, winter

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It snowed yesterday for real for the first time this season. We've had snowflakes fall a few times before, but this time it stuck. Just a couple inches, but enough to transform the landscape.

I'm excited about the snow. I've been feeling pretty bummed out by the cold and winter in general, but the snow at least makes everything so pretty and pure and helps make up for the rest of it. Of course, today also reminded me of the less-stellar aspects of snow-- all the layers, the mess of wet boots and mittens when everyone walks back in the door, icy sidewalks and porches... Oh yeah, and today it was really fucking cold. All day long we've had massive gusts of wind blowing snow everywhere, not pleasant. This is our second and last New England winter, and while I'm very glad for the chance to experience it and have our time in the snow, I will be quite happy to go back to our mild California "winters" after this year is done...
Snow on our porch last night. Always reminds me of powdered sugar.

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