Friday, November 22, 2013


This post about two parents who devote the month of November to making their kids' dinosaurs "come to life" (and create all sorts of mayhem) every evening has been making the rounds on Facebook for the past week or so. Zach was the one to read about "dinovember" first, one night last week he showed me the article on his phone then immediately went to the dining table and started setting up a diorama of our dinosaurs attacking one of D's hero factory creations. (Zach spent much of his younger years setting up recreations of historic battles with army men, I think hearing about this project rekindled a spark of joy in his kid-at-heart)
We've kept it up each night so far. Our dinos aren't quite as creative or messy as the originals (our guys are mostly miniature ones, less capable of wreaking the same sort of havoc...also, I'm not as patient or willing to clean up the same level of mess...sorry). But it's been fun, and the boys get a kick out of discovering what the dinos have been up to overnight.
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As with Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc, we're not hiding from them the fact that Dad and I are the ones setting the dinosaurs up. I don't think that takes away from the fun of it, though. D has started giving me requests of what he wants the dinos to do each night ("Mom, tonight make the dinosaurs climb all over my bed!"). We'll see if we keep it up through the rest of the month, but so far we're all enjoying this little project.

Well, except for the cats. I think they're just plain weirded out by it...

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