Sunday, September 29, 2013

trying to get with the program

It's weird noticing the difference between my mindset last fall vs this year. Last year I was positively obsessed with spending time outdoors, enjoying every possible minute of the gorgeous fall weather, and documenting every incremental change in the colors of the leaves all around us. This year it's like my brain is refusing to acknowledge or process the passing of time. Like, I keep looking up and being surprised at being in the throes of fall. I'm a little concerned that I'll look up one day and all the leaves will be on the ground and I'll feel like I missed it. The urgency I felt last year was probably a bit overboard, but I'm not that keen on my current state of obliviousness either. It looks like we're just about hitting peak fall foliage around here, so my goal for at least one of Q's preschool mornings this week will be to get some photowalks in. In the meantime, here are a few pics I've snapped with my phone recently:

image image Untitled Untitled
iphoneography sidenote: I'm remembering how much I like the picfx app. I think every one of these was processed with it. It's an old favorite of mine but for some reason I stopped using it for a long time, now it's back in the rotation again.

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