Friday, September 20, 2013



My birthday was last week-- a week ago today, actually, now that I look at the calendar. I am now 33 whole years old, I'm not sure if that puts me in the "mid-thirties" bracket or if I get another year yet. Getting older doesn't bother me much, at least not yet (I have a good friend who's been complaining about feeling "old" ever since her 22nd birthday), although I won't say I'm exactly thrilled about the laugh lines that are starting to make themselves a bit too comfortable on my face. I try to tell myself that laugh lines are at least the good kind to have.

It was a good day overall, fairly low-key. I spent the morning at Q's new preschool which was an adorably fun time, and much of the rest of the day hanging out with my boys and great friends. Jeremy & Jody made it over for some cake, and even made a valiant effort to sing along with Zach to our traditional birthday songs. It always makes me happy when friends have been around long enough to start to learn the birthday songs.

I know there's more I want to write about, but it feels like my brain is in a thick fog and I can barely think straight.... The boys have been adorable lately, tho also waking up way too early. D lost his first tooth several days ago. Q cracks me up with his antics, and scares me a little sometimes with his energy and fierceness. D has been super into building with legos (bricks, and we've also started down the hero factory path), tonight I took a bunch of his creations that have been half taken apart and broke them down the rest of the way to sort the pieces and kept marveling at the way he'd put things together to begin with. Zach's second week of class is down, and as predicted he's got a lighter load and waning motivation for schoolwork which is perhaps not so great for school but nice for us who get to see more of him. We've been enjoying some gorgeous weather, and watching the signs of fall appear all around (leaves turning orange, temperatures dropping, little noses transforming into running faucets...), and just wishing for a bit more sleep (always, always).

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