Friday, September 06, 2013

cool birds & stuff

We went on a little family outing to the VINS Center the other day to go see the cool birds. The boys loved seeing the raptors, especially the bald eagles and peregrine falcon. I personally prefer the owls, they're a bit more cute and cuddly (though can also look pretty damn deadly/creepy). My favorite owl there is the snowy owl, who unfortunately spent our entire visit hiding right behind the fence so I wasn't able to get any decent pictures of her this time.

Also, I took the opportunity to break out our 70-300mm zoom lens. We bought it used from a friend a few years ago partially because it was a good deal, but haven't had many opportunities to use it other than a few trips to the zoo back in SF. I'm so used to my 35mm fixed lens that adjusting to such a narrow field of focus (not to mention the FIVE FOOT minimum focusing distance) was really, really weird. But, I got some cool shots.

Bald eagles, looking all patriotic and stuff. Also, those are some nasty looking claws.
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Golden eagles
Eastern screech owl. Or, gremlin. Or furby. Take your pick.
Great grey owl, looking all cute and fuzzy.
One of the few decent shots I got of the peregrine falcon, which btw is the fastest animal on the planet (can go over 200mph when divebombing prey)

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