Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture Post (bc what else do you do when you have no energy for a real post?)

Zach's new job is going well so far.  I love that most of his co-workers used to work at the place he worked at up till last year.  It's like a reunion in a start-up.

D's better and back at school (and doing awesomely there), Q goes back and forth on seeming like he might still be fighting this cold a bit.  I've had a sore throat and cough for I don't even know how long now and am really really ready for it to go away.  I couldn't even read D's bedtime story tonight bc I kept coughing every other word. It doesn't help knowing that with D starting school, we'll likely all be sick a lot this fall.

The good news is: I love our nanny, and I love our friends, who help make this challenging phase of life a lot easier.

Anyway. I should go to bed but here are a few cute pictures to share, just because.
Budding photographer? ; )

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