Friday, September 16, 2011

Life in a List: 9/16/11 (for lack of a more creative title)

It's been one hell of a week, what with D being sick and home from school all week, and Q being cranky and sleepless due to FOUR teeth all coming in at once, and Zach being gone for his business school visit/interview...  But, we've survived, and Zach comes home tomorrow (if only for 1.5 days before starting his commuter job on Monday) and figuring (hoping) that next week will be better.

I think I might try out doing short posts based on a list of prompts that I came across recently, as a way to write up a post that captures some of what I'm doing, thinking, feeling, without having to put as much mental energy into writing a full, cohesive post.  And  it reminds me of Jessica who likes writing lists and seems like it might be kinda fun. So, here goes.

Listening: to lots of Bon Iver, after being introduced to him by a friend a few weeks ago.

Eating: sweet potato fries that I made! My self! In the oven! I'm so not domestic, or a cook, or any of that, so this is pretty cool.  I figure I need to take more initiative with cooking since Zach will be gone 4 nights a week.

Drinking: yummy iced coffees, thanks to the Keurig Zach got me as a birthday gift.  It's so fabulous and wonderful. 

Wearing: same old, same old-- jeans + nursing tank top.

Feeling: tired. Oh so tired.

Weather: hot and sunny, though yesterday and today it's been cooling... can feel fall in the air.  Zach, meanwhile, is in New Hampshire right now where the evenings are already dipping into the 40's.  Um, yikes.

Wanting: Sleep.  What else is new?

Needing: Sleep.  And more patience.  And our lovely friends, who thankfully have been around a lot, and are oh so very helpful with the kids and just so very fun to be around.  So, that need is being met at least.

Thinking: Of the year ahead-- Zach's new job that will keep him away from us 60% of the time, and of the decisions that lay ahead as he applies to business school and we eventually have to decide where to go.  There may be some very difficult conversations ahead of us as we weigh school ranking, cost, location, etc.

Enjoying: Q's infectious smile and giggles, and how entertaining it is to watch him feed himself; D's random thoughts and re-enactments of Top Gear episodes; new books on my Nook reader (another birthday gift, thanks to my dad); my iphone which I am so completely in love with it's not even funny.

Wondering: why I'm not in bed already, at 9:30pm.  Good night!

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