Thursday, September 08, 2011

Oh by the way...

I cut my hair short again.

I started growing it out last summer, because I was feeling a bit bored of it (after having the same cut for 3 years) and figured I'd take advantage of the fact that hair grows faster during pregnancy.

Then I gave birth to Super Strong Grip Baby Who Loves To Pull Hair.  Last week I was at a playground talking with another mom, D was playing on the playscape and Q was on my back in the Boba.  As we chatted, Q reached up and grabbed a chunk of my ponytail and PULLED.  The mom looked at me with a bit of surprise and pity in her eyes as she pointed out that he'd managed to actually pull several hairs out of my scalp and was holding them in his fist.  So finally I said, "Screw it. I'm chopping it off again."  It goes in a ponytail every day anyway.

I'm now trying to remember why I ever wanted it long again. ; )  My scalp is much happier, now that it's not getting assaulted daily by baby hands.  And one of the any perks of this sort of a cut is that, as long as you have a good cut to begin with, it almost always looks put-together and stylish.  A big win when you have no time to deal with other-wise high-maintenance hair.

PS- the wrist brace is from a random injury I had last week, had to wear it for several days and now finally it's getting better.  Still hurts on occasion, but I don't need the brace anymore.  So yay for that, too.


  1. Your hair looks great like that. I too have been growing mine out and wear it in a ponytail everyday and am now wondering why I am growing my hair, maybe I should cut it too :)

  2. Looks great.. Mine's short, but I wish I had the guts or at least the knowledge that mine would look ok if I went that short!



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