Friday, July 22, 2011

Remember when I said D was potty trained? Um, yeah....

About a month ago I wrote about how Donovan was pretty much fully potty trained (during waking hours-- I don't expect him to be out of diapers for sleeping for a long time).

We have, of course, hit a few snags since then.

First, he went from being independently potty trained (getting himself to the potty for both pee & poop with no need for prompting, this lasted about a week), to suddenly losing that altogether... but then we reached a point where he'd have no pee accidents as long as I made sure he sat on the potty every hour or so.  His body seemed to know to save up for then, and he'd pee right away when he did sit on the potty.  Poop, unfortunately, would just happen in his underwear. I'd notice him straining while squatting, but always too late to do anything about it.  But, hey, he seemed to be doing really well and I even felt pretty ok with short outings in underwear.  This lasted a few weeks.

Then we came to Texas.  The first full day here, he had accident after accident, even though we had him sit on the potty frequently.  This was in the middle of a family reunion weekend with lots of people and activities so we decided to take a break and put him in pull-ups, still trying to get him to use the potty but not setting him up for so many accidents.

It's been a week now and that's still pretty much where we are.  I'm kinda stuck-- we've had a few catches on the potty, but nothing consistent.  I know that's partially on me, as it's been really hard to make sure to get him to the potty consistently throughout the day.  But even with that he doesn't have the same sense of either knowing about peeing or saving it for the potty, etc, as he did before (I also just realized, while typing this, that at home he always announced when he was peeing on the potty, and here if he does pee I'll only find out when he stands up bc he doesn't say anything about it...which also seems significant).  So I'm debating whether to try to make more of a push back to the potty, maybe even trying to put him in underwear again, or just give up till we get back home and hope that he'll do better again once we're in our own home again (which will be a while from now, unfortunately-- we're here another 3 weeks then go to Tahoe for another week after that...).

I'm trying not to get too frustrated about all this, but it's kinda tough.  He seems so grown up in every other way that it feels just plain bad to still have to put diapers on him.  It also doesn't help things that I'm getting absolutely crap sleep here, running on about 4-6 broken hours of sleep each night thanks to late kiddo bedtimes, frequent & prolonged wake-ups by Quinn, and their usual early mornings.  So it's not like I'm at my most patient or rational, either. Also, I miss my husband (he flew home on Sunday).  I'm trying to have faith that D will figure it out again soon, either here or once we return home.  It's my only option now, honestly, as thinking about having to push his school start date back AGAIN makes me want to cry.


  1. If it were me in your situation, I'd probably put him back in diapers for the remainder of the trip(s) and then try again full force when we got back home. I think he'll have his best chance at it if he's in a comfortable and familiar environment where his normal routine is uninterrupted. I imagine it would also be easier on you to do potty training when you're not traveling. I think about 90% of potty training is just finding the right time. And a lot of the time it's just trial and error and reacting to what your situation is. As parents, we really have very little control over the whole potty training process (it's not like you can MAKE the kid pee).

  2. have you thought about trying a reward of a few m&ms or fruit loops or something equally desirable for a successful potty? i've also had a friend use the bribe of a "potty princess crown" (just a highly desirable pink crown) placed in a obvious yet unreachable spot. the little girl would stare at it longingly, and would be told that when she used the potty 5 times in a row with no accidents, that she would become the potty princess and get to have the crown. worked like a charm for that one. good luck!



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