Sunday, June 26, 2011

six word sunday: beautiful baby on a lambskin rug

The other day I remembered this rug from Ikea, that usually spends its days in D's cabinet under the stairs.  I have a ton of pictures of Quinn sitting up or on his tummy gnawing on various toys, so I was feeling like it was time to try something new just for fun... so we spent 20 minutes trying this out the other morning.  Quinn was fairly accommodating, and other than getting in half the shots D was, too.  I wasn't sure they'd turned out all that great when looking at them in the camera, but I'm now loving how they turned out (thanks to Zach for taking the kids out for a long walk while I worked on these).  I have more of these, and other photos, freshly uploaded on flickr.

BTW yes Quinn peed on the rug...


  1. omg. his rolls are TOO MUCH! love!

  2. Oh, so cute! I love that first picture.



  3. Love the shots! Want to do something like this with Cam as well but I'm always thinking she will pee because she's a squirt like that!

    Did Quinn every jump up in clothing sizes quickly? Seems that Cam was barely out of newborn at 1 month then shot into 3 month but out of them faster than I thought. Now she's almost out of 6 month clothing!



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