Thursday, June 30, 2011


Donovan seems to have forgotten all about how to use the potty as of this whole week.

Quinn's still confused about how to crawl/scoot, and it's still pissing him off.

Zach worked 12+hr days at work this week (thankfully over now, back to normal).

My patience and energy seem to have run away together, leaving me with none.

The good news: our nanny, who was gone for about 2 weeks, is back this week.  She was here on Monday, and I managed to escape out for lunch. By myself.  I got to sit, eat my meal in peace, and even read a book for a bit.  Heaven.  And today, she's hanging out with D so I can sit here and write while Q takes one of his micro-naps.

The past few weeks have felt really hard.  I can't decide if they really have, for whatever reason, felt as bad as some of the early months right after Q was born, or if I'm already forgetting just how bad that time was.  I know it's temporary, a phase that has come on suddenly and will pass again soon (right?).  But it's still felt pretty damn crummy.

In about 2 weeks we leave to stay with family for a month.  Then a few weeks after that, D starts preschool.  It's a full-time program (M-F, from 9am to 3pm, I think).  I'll miss him, I know, but it will also be really nice to be down to one child most of the time.  I don't know if other parents are a lot better at this than I am, or just better at hiding it, but dealing with two at once has been so very hard.


  1. Two kiddos is HARD and I think the words that you are using in this post to express how hard it is are pretty accurate! I think people just don't talk about the hard parts. Good for you for getting out a bit on your own! Keep on keeping on and things will get better and easier...I promise!

  2. newest follower, found you on twitter by a #BLW search :) love the blog!



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