Friday, June 24, 2011

By golly, I think he's got it!

Ok, you guys. It's now been a week and a half since we started the hard-core potty training, and.... dare I say it?  Dare I declare success?  I keep waiting for D to suddenly decide that this potty stuff is so last week and totally regressing.

But, so far, so good.  He'll maybe have one accident during the day, but otherwise every so often he'll just shout "I need to use the potty!" and then we run over to the closest potty (we're still using the small potties bc of portability, our bathrooms in this house are not the most easy-access for a kid who gives you a 10 second warning), he'll sit, and then smile real big and declare, "I'm peeing!"  And he's done just as well with poop.  I tried reminding him throughout the day at first, but he'd either brush me off, or say he needed to go but only so that he could watch a video. So I've stopped, and he just tells me when he needs to go.

The next step will be to transition to using a real toilet, which I think I'll start pushing in another few days here (I think he's getting better control, so able to hold it the extra seconds to get to/on a big toilet, can also see about peeing standing vs sitting).  And, we haven't gone out of the house very much.  I'm a bit nervous about how that will go, but already have the car stocked with 2 extra changes of clothes.  May try a few park outings this weekend to test things out...

We are still using a diaper for naps and overnight, which I figure will be the case for a while still.  But, he's in underwear the rest of the day, and excited to use the potty, and just doing awesomely with the whole thing.  So, YAAAAYYY!!!!!!  =)


  1. awesome feat of patience over months and bearing down just at the right time for him to be so successful so fast! Great job momma and kiddo.

  2. W00t, Donovan!! You R O C K !!!

  3. Thank goodness. This gives me hope. We're on day 2 of strictly no diapers when awake and we've hit a rough patch. Donovan's success has renewed my resolve.

  4. the beauty of waiting until the kiddo is ready--what a dynamite team you & zach make!



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