Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter =)

Turns out my child looks absolutely adorable with a pair of bunny ears on his head.

Ok, so he's pretty darn adorable without them, too.  And, lately, he's been just plain adorable, a lot of the time.  I'm almost afraid of jinxing it by saying anything, but the past week Q's been so much more calm, mellow, happy.  A very welcome change.  I'll suddenly realize that he's been playing happily on his playmat long enough for D and I to actually get to play a game together, and think to myself, "Well this is new..."  Here's hoping we've finally, at 4.5months, turned a new leaf and he's showing us what a happy-go-lucky baby he can be. *crossing fingers*

Andrew and Jakki came in for the weekend.  They also remarked on how much happier Q seemed, as last time they visited (a month ago, perhaps?) he spent almost the whole weekend crying.  This morning we all went to Tower for breakfast, having heard about their legendary french toast.  I love french toast but I never order it for breakfast since it feels like such an unsubstantial meal, so I usually go for an omelet or something else with eggs, bacon, and lots of avocado if possible.  I went for it this time, and I must say this stuff was ridiculously delicious.  We sat out on the patio which was really lovely, and D had a great time running around and looking at all the different water fountains (we grown-ups took turns following him around).  It was nice to get out for a meal, as these days we only brave it if we've got some back-up.

Andrew & Jakki headed back to SF early this afternoon, and then after D's nap we went to a friend's house for a BBQ.  Fun times, especially with a backyard play structure and lots of other kids to play with.  Q drew lots of attention, gave lots of smiles, and hung out mostly in my ring sling which I think I've finally figured out (took a while to get the right shoulder placement and fabric tightening to be really comfortable) and is quickly becoming one of my favorite carriers.  So, yay. =)

As a random side note, I've had this song and this song alternately stuck in my head. So, click at your own risk.


  1. Just love the flickr photo set of Quinn! He is so squeezable and cute! Two of my friends have babies just about 1 wk younger and I think they are doing much of the same stuff. They even have that bumbo thing. Do you like it? By the way curious to know if you kept a lot of D's clothes? We have gotten lots of hand me downs which I'm so thankful for.

  2. What a cutie!

    4-5 months was a big turning point for our fussy/screamy/tempermental baby. She continues to get better as she gets older, so hang in there!



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