Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Baby toes & site announcement

First of all, cute baby toes. Because, you know, swooooon!

Second, I'm doing away with the custom domain name for the blog.  It was fun and cool for a bit, but then keeping up with it (and the million "Renew now! Your domain will expire soon! Except you already have it set to renew automatically! So why do we still send you 20 emails about this!" emails from GoDaddy) was getting annoying.  And then I finally transferred the domain hosting from GoDaddy (uber-sexist ads, elephant-killing) to NameCheap b/c of a special deal they had, but now my link is broken and I need to figure out how to update the DNS and CNAME settings or something, except no one has good instructions on this online and the support "person" from NameCheap was completely unhelpful, and did I mention I have 2 kids, one of them a 3 month old baby who doesn't give me free time to deal with this sort of crap?

So. Yeah. Long story short (too late, you say?) we're back to using the good ole URL for this here blog.  I know that means going back and updating the "Posts of Note" links.  I'll get to that... eventually. Someday.  Or something.


  1. Baby toes! Baby legs!

    I need to change my domain thingie, too. The emails, the sexism, the killing elephants for no reason then flaunting it by posting videos of how cute you are... ugh.

  2. I've got those same type of issues too with other things.. Love those baby toes which reminds me I need to shoot away some time when her toes are out!



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