Monday, April 18, 2011

big weekend

We discovered that the cats have fleas.  Which, since Nev's become an indoor/outdoor cat I figured we'd have to deal with sooner or later, but have kinda been in denial about it.  But then we actually spotted 2 fleas crawling on Sierra's head (ew ew ew ew) and so yeah.  By the way, the best part about this revelation is, guess where Nev's been sleeping part of the evenings lately?

Yep.  I guess those bug bites weren't mosquitoes after all....

So after debating what to do (Go for the obviously toxic products like Advantage or Revolution that should work immediately but do who-knows-what to our cats, let alone our kids?  Or try more "natural" alternatives like diatamaceous earth which may or may not be toxic to breathe in?) we went ahead and gave the cats one dose each of Advantage and isolated them in the bathroom so hopefully the stuff doesn't rub off too badly on our stuff.  This will hopefully kill off all the existing fleas, and then the plan is to use this garlic and brewer's yeast diet supplement to hopefully keep the fleas from coming back (makes their flesh taste bad to fleas or something).  Meanwhile we'll be going through and washing every textile surface in the house that can be thrown into the washer.  I joked with Zach that this is practice for when one of the kids comes home with lice...

In much happier news, on Sunday we got to see 2 friends that we met in Switzerland and now live in Canada, and who are expecting TWINS!  Quinn and I attended a lovely baby shower hosted by my friend's mom, and then Zach and Donovan joined us after to just hang out at their house and join them for dinner.  Many of the other women at the shower were new grandmothers who cooed over Quinn, who in turn was in pretty good spirits most of the time.  I brought a ring sling with me, which came in really handy for nursing in (and also a few times letting him sleep in it after).  And, thankfully, no one seemed bothered or even phased at all by me breastfeeding.  It's funny how I have no qualms about nursing in a really public place, but at a more intimate event like a baby shower I feel a little more nervous about it (and if I'd felt the need to "hide" to nurse, I would've missed about half the party).

It was a great time and I was very relieved that Q did so well.  Though even so, holding all 18lbs of him for 5-6hrs meant by that evening I was exhausted.  We have a wedding to go to next month, so I'm curious to see how that goes...

And now for a few cute pictures of Quinn. ; )

My chunky monkey.  I love the folds in his arms that make him look like he has biceps.  They seriously crack me up. =P


  1. it was so great to see you and so fun that you could stay for dinner!

    I wish I had known you were a little nervous about the nursing, I could have told you that this is a group of women where most (if not all?) breastfed their kids in public 30 years ago, had midwives, etc. etc. They would be the first ones out demonstrating for the importance of breastfeeding in public :) I'm glad it went ok.

  2. Ok - that last pic made me crack up too! That is so cute! Our friends little boy looks huge too at 16ish pds and about 2wks younger than Quinn. Quinn is definitely a big little man! Is he starting to feed less at all? I don't think I've missed anything so I'm guessing he's still eating like a king!



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