Friday, March 05, 2010

the hunt

There is something both exciting and terrifying about unknown, open possibilities.  Zach and I have actually had a good bit of experience with this situation.  Newly engaged, about to graduate from college in Texas, Zach was still in the midst of his job hunt, knowing we'd be moving somewhere within as little as two months but not sure yet where that somewhere would be (ended up being here, California).  Then the Geneva opportunity came up, though that was settled fairly quickly.  But then we spent some portion of the last 6 months there unsure of when we might return-- would they kick us out and back home within a month (as we feared at one point)? Would we stay another year?  As it was, I don't think we had more than 2 months notice when we did end up coming back.  So, one could say that uncertainty has always been a part of our marriage.  (though, happily, never about each other)

Zach is now deep into his job search.  There are a few opportunities that are local.  And there are a few that would require us to move.  All of these are very much dreams at this point, as all we have to go on are emails or phone calls with not so much as an interview scheduled (... yet).  But it's still kind of fun and exciting to toy with some of these potential opportunities, and think about what they would be like.  There's one that could even take us back to Europe.  It's a long shot, and I'm not sure we'd take it right now if offered... but it's there.  And I will admit I drooled a little last night while doing some research on life in that potential city, because it would be pretty badass.

And then there's another job, that is just so damn perfect (for what we BOTH want at this stage of our lives/career) that it's almost too much.  Zach doesn't quite fit the experience they want, but they seemed impressed with him over the phone. It's another long shot but... maybe?  I mean, I almost think it HAS to happen because The Universe can't possibly be so cruel as to dangle the absolute perfect opportunity in our faces and then not give it to us, can it?  What? It can? Hm.

Who knows. It's still so early in the game, it's impossible to tell what will happen.  He could get five interviews next week, or none.  I'm married to him, so of course I have to believe that Zach is a highly talented, and highly desirable, employee that someone will want to snatch up quickly.  Between that and a little luck, I'm hoping things work out.


  1. hope it works out too... and Europe! Ohhhh I would love to move there. My husband and I dream of moving back to London for a while

  2. It's definitely a great attitude. I guess I go from highs to lows almost daily with the job hunt. Uncertainty is definitely in my blood too. I just want to know the path and I'm sure you guys do too..

    My fingers are crossed for the Europe opportunity!~


  3. Pretty exciting, yet also a little stressful! I hope Zach will find a job soon. I wonder where you are going to move next!



  4. as your sister, am i allowed to get a little more detail?? remember, you guys greatly made my move to Cali happen; i'd like to know what European city i could potentially be influenced to move to next, or what PERFECT opportunity I can send positive energies toward...


    Did I not comment on this post???


    What I had originally written, somewhere, somehow, is that The Universe is gonna give you what you need, when you need it. Even if you don't agree with it at the moment. The Perfect Job may end up being not so perfect, and Second-Best Job may actually turn out awesome because of some hidden variable you can't see right now...

    So that's my fruity-granola pseudo-wisdom. That I swear I'd already posted.



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