Monday, October 05, 2009

rough & tumble

Lil' D has been  having a rough week.  It was just Wednesday that he fell and bit the hell out of his lower lip (which is thankfully healing nicely, and very quickly).  Then this morning, about 10 minutes before we needed to leave for his pediatrician appointment, he managed to fall off the shelf in his room and cut the hell out of his finger.  I searched all afternoon trying to figure out what he could've fallen on that was sharp enough to cut him like that, and I think it was the chair we have in there-- this big, overstuffed armchair that Zach has had since college and was old even then, and there's the end of a bare wire sticking out of one corner.  So we'll have to remedy that.

I wasn't even in the room when he fell, but was getting stuff ready for us to go and heard this big crash and then Donovan SCREAMING.  And I didn't even realize it was his finger for several minutes, I guess since he had his arms around me and the first thing I always check when he falls is his face and especially his mouth and teeth.  Then I noticed that he had a gash on the top of his left-hand pointer finger, just above the knuckle. It was a good thing, I guess, that we needed to leave for the doctor's anyway, so they could check it out.  I tried to rinse it off and put a bandaid on it and that seemed to stop the bleeding for a bit.

D took a long time to calm down after the fall (that cut must've HURT), and then to have to be poked and prodded by nurses and his pediatrician afterwards, and then on top of it all to get STUCK WITH A NEEDLE (he needed the 2nd dose of his flu shot), it was all a bit too much.  Luckily he overall seems fine and healthy (23lb10oz and 33" tall, about 15% and 50% respectively-- about what he's been for a while now) and the cut is kinda deep but she didn't think it'd need stitches.  Just said to keep it clean, put ointment on it, and keep a band-aid on it partially just to act as a makeshift "splint" to kind of immobilize his finger somewhat (since bending the knuckle will likely open the cut all over again).

We got home from the doctor's at about 10:30am.  D has fallen asleep in the car, went right down to sleep in his bed, and didn't wake up till 1pm.  I think the trauma of the morning just really did him in.  Surprisingly he was in pretty good spirits all afternoon, and didn't mess with his band-aid at all or try to pull it off.  Though taking the band-aid off, cleaning the wound, and then re-band-aiding it afterwards was once again somewhat traumatic.  I don't know how much of that might be from his finger hurting or just the horror of having to keep his hands still and being held by someone else.

I did sit him down and have a talk right before bed about how he needs to be more careful with these falls, because if he keeps hurting himself CPS might come after Mommy and that would not be a good thing.  He asked if Sierra and Nev could be his legal guardians, and I reminded him that cat food doesn't taste nearly as good as it is fun to play with, and after that he seemed to agree with me and said he'd watch himself more carefully from now on.

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  1. Nev and Sierra have no thumbs. They would be terrible foster parents.

    Aunts, on the other hand, DO have opposable thumbs. And Freddy does a good job with the cooking and feeding stuff.

    Just sayin'.



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