Sunday, October 25, 2009


We're back.  Currently a bit annoyed at computer issues, but hey it's a lesson learned and the world certainly isn't ending and overall it's very nice to be back home and with Zach, etc.  D seemed glad to be back, too, happy to see his room and his toys and everything.  The flight went pretty well, he even slept for 1.5 of the 3.5hr flight.  I have no idea how parents travel solo with more than 1 kid.  The flight itself went well enough, but going thru security, getting on and off the plane, and getting luggage afterwards just seem 100x harder when you have a kid (and his car seat) to deal with.  Thank god for his monkey backpack leash.  I don't care who thinks they're cruel, that thing's a lifesaver when I need to keep a hold of D but still use both hands for something.

The last few days back in TX were good.  Thursday night Mom and I went to my old high school's football game to watch my younger sister dance (was that a trip down memory lane... WOW).  Friday was extremely uneventful (and I very much liked it that way).  Saturday I spent part of the gorgeous afternoon enjoying a coffee and book down at Mozart's, then that evening a bunch of my mom's family came into town so I got to show off lil D and hear stories about Mom and her cousins when they were young.  This morning Mom, Philip, and Cristina took D to church while I met up with a friend for an incredibly yummy breakfast at Magnolia.  It's so easy to slip back into Austin lifestyle sometimes, it almost felt wrong to hear "San Jose" as our destination on the flight.

I've actually already unpacked, and Zach got the kiddo off to bed early and surprisingly easily.  I'm hoping he slips back into usual routines rather than continue not-good ones that come up when he's away from home... like the fact that the past week he's been sleeping closer to 8 hrs a night, when he usually gets 10-11hrs.  Crossing my fingers against a 4am wake up call...

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  1. When we were watching you go through security, I wanted to ask if I could go over there and help you. You had D all strapped in to his car seat, and then they made you take EVERYTHING apart to go through the security thing, then you had to put him and your bags all together again... I know that's a pain for me, when I travel BY MYSELF with a purse and a laptop... can't imagine it with a KID and carseat and diaper bag...



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