Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ok, this is getting old

This solo parenting gig? It's getting old.
I'm tired. I'm tired of the constant food prep. Why do kids need so many meals every day, anyway? 

And all the cleaning. Washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning counters and floors and butts, brushing teeth and hair (who am I kidding I never brush their hair), etc etc etc with the endless list that never ends because everything that requires cleaning only gets dirty and must be cleaned again. And again, and again, repeat forever and ever amen. 

I'm tired of feeling worn out and yelling at the kids for no reason (and, of course, then noticing the windows are open and our neighbors are on their porch so heard everything, and even tho I know they'd never judge it still just adds to the sucky-ness of the situation).

I'm tired of the lonely evenings and my cold bed.

I miss my husband/coparent/lover/best friend. Can I haz him back nao plz? 

And, I mean, it's not that things are going terribly or anything. We're doing ok, we're getting by. Honestly, I kinda think I've been kicking ass most of this summer (albeit my standards for what I mean by "kicking ass" are very, very low). It's just...yeah. It's getting old.

And sometimes just venting a little helps. 

Five more weeks to go...


  1. Thinking about you!!
    If you weren't tired of it at this point I would be worried (or at least feeling inadequate). Hope the last part speeds by.

  2. Hi Babe - missing y'all terribly as well. Really want to get this over with and get back home. I think I watched all the birthday videos that last few days. Homesick.

  3. OH BOY does it EVER... get old... Parenting all day and then exhuming yourself from your child's bed to spend 2 hours cleaning JUST to avoid being COMPLETELY surrounded by junk/filth/stuff the next day.



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