Saturday, May 05, 2012

Misc Updates: May 2012 edition

A brief update:

- A couple weekends ago we drove to San Jose for a friend's baby's birthday party.  The drive was not quite as easy as previous ones, as D & Q slept each way but only for about half of the drive and then started getting restless.  But, the party was fun, as was seeing all our old friends and their kids who were practically unrecognizable bc they all grow so damn fast.

- After a mostly uneventful first year in school, D's class has suddenly come down with a case of lice and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. We so far have seemed to avoid the lice (KNOCK ON WOOD), but yesterday D came home with a fever. I figured it was just a cold, but he had complained of a sore throat and today he has small pimple-like bumps around his lips and along the top of one foot. It seems a mild case, at least so far... his fever is already gone, so we'll see if the bumps get worse or if it goes away soon.

- Q has entered not only full-fledged toddlerhood, but also jumped straight into Terrible-Twos territory.  One particularly fun challenge that's arisen recently is his ability to wildly change his mind of what he feels VERY strongly about, in no time at all.  For example, the other day I was getting him dressed and I was in no mood to have to wrestle pants on and off all day so I tried putting baby legs on him.  This was, approximately, his reaction: "NO! Don't you DARE put those things on my legs! NOOO! Wait, what WHY ARE YOU TAKING THEM OFF, now I want them! Put them back on!" I am not exaggerating, he went back and forth like this about 3 times before I was finally able to get those damn baby legs on him.  It's been that way about a lot of things lately-- getting dressed, food, etc.  Toddlers are FUN!

(they're also incredibly and heart-meltingly cute, which is the reason most kids do manage to survive past this age)

- My sister Jen visited us for a few days this past week, on a whirlwind tour from Hawaii.  It was awesome to have her around, as we've greatly missed having her a mere 1.5 hour drive away ever since she moved from SF.  And now we're moving even farther, which means we'll see her even less often. Major le suck. But, we had a great time while she was here, the boys totally adored her.

- Zach and I are spending most of our free time trying to sort through our crap and get rid of things we don't need, before the move.  Each time we move we purge a bunch of stuff, and somehow there's always even more stuff to go through the next time.  But, the fun part is I keep finding jewels of the past, like my old journals from high school and our wedding video.  Some of these little treasures are things I want to burn (ahem, the journals) and others are things I'm incredibly grateful to have (the video). All have been good for a laugh or two.

Front-facing camera fun Sweetness. (the boys started fighting over the book about 2 seconds later) Such a cool kid riding his bike (and yes, his shirt is on backwards) Having a snack on the porch. That's how he rolls.

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  1. Kiarda had to be picked up from her nanny on Friday due to a head full of lice. :/ Fortunately, decon was relatively easy despite the multiple loads of laundry. Chocolate bribes go a long way to getting a 22 month old to sit still for tedious hair-combing! If D should end up with lice, I can recommend a natural product that kills eggs and lice in one fell swoop.

    I hope D is feeling better soon.

    Those last two pictures crack me up.



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