Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear children, just please don't give me pink eye for mother's day

Anything I'd hoped to achieve the past week has completely gone out the window. I mentioned in the last post that D came down with Hand Foot and Mouth disease. He had a pretty mild case... but a few days later Quinn came down with it, too, and has had a harder time of it (poor thing still has blisters on his hands, feet, and butt, though thankfully his mouth hasn't seemed to bug him much).  Then on Wednesday, when I'd planned on D going back to school, he woke up with pink eye which has since spread to both eyes, and now to Q's as well.  So for the past 8 days they've been sick with highly contagious illnesses, meaning we've been quarantined in the house on our own and keeping the nanny and other friends we usually lean on away bc I didn't want them to catch any of this crap.  So that's been super fun.

Of course, recent events in the news haven't helped my mood either, what with stuff like this and this happening and all.

At least Zach came home on thursday night, so I have some back-up now.  And, I've gotten to sleep in the past 2 days, helping make up for two exceptionally horrid sleepless nights earlier in the week.  

Long story short, I'm exhausted and worn out (though no longer quite zombie-like, thanks to those couple nights of decent sleep). Thankfully I've yet to catch anything from the kids (KNOCK ON WOOD).  And hopefully we'll soon be an eye-goop-free household and able to emerge back into the world like normal human beings and stuff.

So, um, happy mother's day. Or something.

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  1. What a double whammy!! Yikes! I hope everyone gets over their crud soon!



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