Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Day (weekdays): Feb 2012

This is an approximate run-down of what our days look like Monday through Thursday, when Zach's away.  Figure it's kinda nice to take note of these routines to see how they change and evolve over time.
  • 5:00am(ish)-- Wake up (either Quinn or Donovan will wake up about this time, give or take 30 mins. They're usually up at about the same time). Get dressed, breakfast, pack D's lunch, play.
  • 8:15/8:20am- drop D off at school.
  • 8:30am- come home, stopping at Target or the grocery store on the way if needed. Quinn takes a nap at some point (in the car, or inside while nursing. Occasionally sleeps on his bed). Nap lasts anywhere from 30mins-1.5hrs.  Play at home, maybe go out to the park or for a walk or something.
  • Noonish- lunch, Q might take another nap? Same deal as morning, he'll usually sleep on me though every once in a while I can set him down on his bed to sleep.
  • 3:00pm- Pick D up from school.
  • 4:00pm- BB (our nanny) arrives.  Occasionally I duck out to get some time alone or run errands, but often she'll hang out with Q and I take advantage of one-on-one time with D.
  • 5:30/6:00pm- Dinner.  If it's Tuesday, my friend Sasha comes over and cooks something delicious. Tuesdays are the best. =)
  • 6:30pm- Q's usually showing pretty clear signs of tiredness, so either BB or I will start his bath & get him ready for bed.  
  • 7:00/7:30pm- I nurse Q to sleep, takes 15 mins to 1 hour? Depends on the night.  Lately it's been on the shorter side.
  • 7:30/8:00pm- BB can usually get D into his PJs, but he'll then wait for me to read him his bedtime story and lay down with him.  BB might have time to clean a little then leaves at 8:00.
  • 8:00/8:30pm- D falls asleep.  This is my best chance at doing anything that requires the computer-- blogging, photos, "web errands" that are too annoying to do on my phone, etc.
  • 10:00pm- Bedtime for Mama.  Sometimes goes later, very rarely do I make it earlier (though by morning I always wish I would). Pray for no midnight wakings, start again in the morning.

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  1. I love reading about other people's schedules! You inspired me to do my own, though I have to say you have it a lot harder than I do (having to get up so early sounds painful). You are doing an awesome job!



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