Sunday, November 06, 2011

sunday stroll

Zach and I got experience a rare event today-- a DATE.  Yes, really.  Can you believe these things still exist?  A fabulously wonderful friend of ours watched the kiddoes while Zach and I went to lunch and then took a little stroll down by the Capitol grounds.  It was pretty nice.  Mental note: do this more often.  (also: go back to the Capitol sometime with my DSLR)

Sunday at the Capitol grounds. Palm trees against blue sky. Water fountain. 
 Finished off the date with an eggnog latte. =) Red cup, red coat.


  1. So glad you got to go out and enjoy some date time! Enjoy those little precious moments when we can get them!

  2. Yeah for getting out!! We had our first one about 2 wks ago. And everything went perfectly. We were relieved for sure..

    Great pics! Nice to see the city from a different angle.



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