Tuesday, October 04, 2011

tongue tied no more

You know how sometimes you look back on something and all of a sudden it seems so obvious?

I just happened upon a picture of D as a baby sticking his tongue out:
Holly Lake/day148

That's when I realized that I've never seen Q able to stick his out anywhere close to that.  This is about his limit:

Quinn had his frenectomy today.  I didn't expect to get scheduled in that fast, but was nice to just get it done.  The dentist and office staff were great, though they did look a bit, um, taken aback by Q being such a big baby.  I guess the vast majority of their clients for this procedure are newborns just days or maybe weeks old.  I swear I saw fear in one woman's eyes as she realized she'd have to help hold this wiggly, STRONG 22lb baby still while the doctor clipped the frenulum.

As predicted, Q was NOT a fan of the procedure.  I had a moment of regret at doing this right when he's not nursing, as usually moms breastfeed their baby right afterwards to help them calm down and stop the bleeding.  As it was, he bled a little, and after spending about 5 minutes in a darkened room in their office he calmed down and was happy again.

When we got home I gave him a dose of Motrin (wish I'd remembered to do that beforehand), and then sat him down to eat as I figured he was hungry.  He'd been fussy up to then, but I think a lot of it was the hunger as he cheered right up.  I'm supposed to massage him under the tongue a few times a day for a few days to help prevent reattachment.  The first time I tried it he actually let me, which was a shock, and it didn't seem to bother him in the slightest.  Unfortunately, the second time he was a bit less happy about it and jerked his head, which caused my finger to jam right into the base of the underside of his tongue, and he was upset about THAT for a good 10 minutes.

I've been trying to watch his tongue all day to notice any differences, and finally in the evening I saw him play with it and seem to have a much wider range of motion than he had before.

Tomorrow we have another adventure.  I made an appointment for the massage therapist that Jaye recommended, but it's not for two weeks.  So, after hearing two separate stories of babies who went on long nursing strikes that then ended after getting a chiropractic adjustment, I figured it's worth a shot and found a nearby practice that'll see us tomorrow.  Don't quite know what to expect, I've always had mixed feelings about chiropractic (not ever knowing much about it at all, to be honest).  I did get to witness a friend get adjusted a few months ago, she swears it's changed her life.  I'm not sure what to expect, guess we'll just see what happens.


  1. I have a homoeopathic chiropractor and it is literally like he knows magic. He felt my gums one day and then told me the whiplash that I had when I was 7...maybe 8 was unresolved and that's what caused my TMJ to get so bad. ...I never told him I had whiplash when I was 7, he just knew. From feeling my gums. When he adjusts me and works on pressure points, he has me visualize certain words, and then accurately tells me what emotions I have been feeling lately, based on where I carry my tension. It's incredible. In fact, thank you for reminding me- I need to go see him soon :)

    I hope everything works out with Q! I am glad the procedure went well! It's nice to read about for me, because like I said on Twitter, I am almost expecting one of my kids to have a tongue-tie.

  2. WWOOOOAAOOOOO i had never heard of that term before today. i'm glad it seems to have been a minor minor procedure but still WOAO.

    and that picture of D is quite ridiculous; looking forward to seeing how Q will match that in the coming weeks :)

    my experience with the chiropractor was less than earth-shattering, but at least i don't think i'm any worse off for it, which was my initial fear.

    can't wait to catch up on all this life in a few days!



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