Wednesday, October 19, 2011

list blogging: 10.19

One more of D running through the leaves...

Listening: to the sweet sound of silence.  The kids both woke up by 4:30am.  Then they both fell asleep again around 6. I don't expect it to last, so here I am in the dark, enjoying the silence and solitude.

Eating: nothing at the moment.

Drinking: pumpkin spice flavored coffee. 

Wearing: a pair of jeans I just re-discovered hidden in my closet, t-shirt.

Feeling: tired. annoyed. frustrated. and yet, grateful-- for the small village we have around us that helps make so many things a bit easier.

Weather: after a teaser week of fall temps, it's been back up in the high 80's the past week or 2. Looking forward to fall and cardigans.

Wanting: for my 10 month old baby to stop fighting sleep so much. It's been a particularly bad week for sleep, one that makes me start thinking about night weaning and sleep training.  Except his sleep patterns and habits change and fluctuate so much, that even if I spent all that time and energy trying to change them I doubt any changes would even "stick."  

Needing: more patience.  With myself, with my children.  To learn how not to lose my temper, and how not to feel angry at them for being normal kids.  

Thinking: of trying out yoga classes at a studio nearby.  Perhaps exercise can help with my mood, and yoga's one of the few kinds of exercise I can see myself actually sticking to.  

Enjoying: this momentary stillness while the kids sleep.  

Wondering: when I will ever feel rested again, or will have any significant amount of time for myself again.

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