Friday, February 23, 2007

T-minus 2 days and counting...

So we loaded up the air shipment and off it went this morning. It'll get to us in 1 week. Now we're left with whatever fits in our suitcases, and the rest goes into storage or to Goodwill... or the dumpster. I've been throwing so much crap away the past 2 days, part of me feels guilty for contributing so much to landfills when I'm sure people elsewhere would possibly want our stuff, but at this point I'm just doing what's easiest. That said, Zach and I dropped off about 3 boxes worth of stuff at Goodwill this morning, plus my old computer monitor which is like 9 years old but still works.

Poor Sierra's just all sorts of freaked out. She keeps running around from one side of the apartment to another, then spend the rest of her time hiding out in a dark closet. Or meowing at us pathetically, begging for attention. She's gonna have a rough next few days...

Tonight is our farewell dinner. I'm not entirely sure what it'll be like, there's been some minor drama involving the party planner lady. But, we'll be there with 25 of our closest and dearest friends. I'm charging up my camera at the moment to make sure it lasts through all the picture taking. Carolyn has already told me I'm not allowed to cry tonight. I'm not sure what to expect... None of this really feels that real yet, and it probably won't hit me till we're there already. Hey, the way I see it, we'll see everyone soon enough... when they come out to visit us in Europe. ; )

Less than 2 full days left... EEEEK!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    SOOO crazy!!!

    Good luck this weekend, with packing, flying, and Sierra. This is so exciting, but I really dont' envy the stress you must be under right now.




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