Saturday, October 10, 2015

new lens- 85mm 1.8

Last week I bought a new lens-- canon's 85mm f/1.8, to round up my set of primes (I also have the canon 35mm f/2 and sigma 50mm f/2.8 macro). I tested it around our yard, and even got the boys to pose for me (well, Donovan at least. Quinn kinda just looked at me). These were all shot wide open because why would you ever not shoot wide open (says the bokeh addict). The one surprise with this lens is that the minimum focusing distance is kinda far-- you have to be nearly 3 feet away from whatever you're trying to focus on. Which for most things subjects isn't a problem because of the 85mm focal length, but I'm just used to being kinda right on top of my subject. But, this will be a nice lens to get closer-up pics of the boys without having to be right on top of them, since they're not as ok with that as they used to be.

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