Friday, September 11, 2015

random thoughts as I prepare to greet the big 3-5

Things that make me feel like a stereotypical middle-aged housewife:
  • being way super over-excited about a grocery home delivery service
  • day-dreaming of a fancy new vacuum cleaner for christmas
  • thinking that the 90's were only about a decade ago
Things that make me feel like I'm still just pretending to be a grown-up:
  •  our completely mis-matched hodge-podge house, filled with furniture that either came from Ikea or has been with us since college. 
  • my style has changed, like, almost none in the past couple of decades. My daily go-to outfit when I was 20-- jeans, a tank top, and a light hoodie. I still wear the same thing 98% of the time (ok, I sometimes swap out the jeans for yoga pants)
  • I also still pretty much cook the way I did when I was in college (mac & cheese + frozen veggies FTW!)

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