Friday, July 31, 2015

grace in small things #15

  • Not a "small thing" by any means but my awesome friend Jeremy was just here for a week-long visit with his kids, Ethan and Sam, which was amazing. And then I was all bummed when they left to go back home. Then I remembered that we still have our weekly phone chats to look forward to, which make living many states away from one of my best friends a bit more bearable. 
  • I printed out a couple free coloring pages for adults this morning, and over the course of the day managed to finish one page I really liked. It was fun to sit down and just color for a while. 
  • That thing where just when you're freaking out about how you must be a totally terrible parent, your kids go and show you that they're actually doing totally fine, in spite of all your failings. Take that, nagging voices of doubt in my head. 
  • After a very busy past few weeks, we have (almost) no plans this weekend. Tomorrow I'm planning on ditching the kids with Zach and getting a "Marcy day." I'm kinda psyched about it. 

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