Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Currently, I am...

  • very tired. Staying up too late, getting woken up too early, too many days in a row. I'm doing it again, it's past 11:30pm and I'm still not in bed. For shame. But there's just always that one last thing to do before heading off to bed...
  • reading a book on writing "creative nonfiction," which has me thinking about writing and blogging and storytelling, and what/how/when/where I may want to do any/all of those things (me write good, yes?)
  • starting to feel really excited about our summer up ahead. Quinn is done with school in a week, and then our days open up completely for whatever sorts of adventures we want to take. We have a bunch of fun trips planned: a weekend jaunt to the wine country for the birthday of one of my best friends; my mom is visiting us out here in a few weeks; my other BFF just bought tickets for himself and his kids to come visit in July; and we've got our Tahoe family vacation extravaganza in August. Lots of very exciting stuff ahead. 
  • wishing my kids would get over these colds they've been battling the past week (as I ignore the suspicious tickle in the back of my throat), but am also enjoying our lazy days of hanging out watching movies and resting as we try to recover. 

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