Sunday, April 12, 2015

park days

Yesterday we went to a family picnic with our homeschool group at one of my favorite local parks. There is a shallow creek that runs through one part of it for part of the year, and it will probably dry up soon but for the past few months it's provided all sorts of great fun as the kids splash along it and collect rocks and have a grand ole time getting soaked (yay for mild California weather that allows this). 

I posted several pictures on instagram, but these are two of my favorites. Especially that one of Quinn. 

I like this homeschool group-- the families have all been really warm and welcoming. I love the discussions that take place, the wealth of ideas, the inclusiveness. The way the parents give their kids plenty of freedom and space, while also keeping mindful of what is going on and stepping in when needed. The parents and kids seem to have these lovely connections, in tune with each other. 

There's a decent age range of kids, at least a good range around that of my kids. They have fun at our park days, though D hasn't quite clicked with any of the kids there-- he plays with them off and on during our park days, but so far there hasn't been an instant attraction like when he met Ethan in NH (Q has an easier time jumping in and joining whatever the others are doing). But who knows what may be simmering, developing more slowly. He seems fine with everything as it is-- doesn't seem to be longing for anything, and likes both playing with the kids who are there each week, or just sitting with me when he's not feeling as social or energetic. But sometimes it's hard for me to let go of what used to be, that sweet little setup we had in Sachem. I miss it for him, and hope we eventually can find something like it here as well. 

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